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Best Sunglasses Trends of 2018 – Blogger and Celebrity Styles

The sun’s been shining bright and its time to get your hands on cool and trendy sunglasses to protect your eyes from the torture of the UV rays. Now with so many options, designs and colors available, it gets a little difficult to pick the perfect pair for yourself. But worry not, we have curated the best of Instagram, street and runway sunglasses styles that bloggers and celebrities have been flaunting this summer.

#1 The Retro Trend

Starting with the most popular trend of 2018, this trend of funky retro frames has been very popular amongst Instagram influencers. They help you stand out of the crowd while exhibiting the retro vibe with a pop of colour. Most popular styles are rectangular, oval, cat eye and semicircular shapes in colour combinations of whites, reds, blacks and pinks. Lavender/purple is also becoming a new favourite and we can’t deny that they absolutely steal the show.

Here are some of our favourite blogger/influencer picks you must give a try!

#2 The Sleek Chic

Another style that has received immense love from the fashion community is the small and sleek sunglasses.  They look classy and chic while being a fashion statement. The tiny elongated oval and cat eye frames have been trending all over Instagram.

These are some awesome blogger/influencer styles you gotta know about!

#3 The Extreme Cat Eyes

The cat eyes are back and how. Trending with a stylish makeover, the cat eyes have grown popular in more angular, pointed frames especially in retro designs.

Here are our favourite picks of the extreme cat eyes:

#4 The Rectangular Cat Eye

This style probably needs no introduction, since we spotted this one on almost every Instagram blogger’s feed. No doubt the classic black is a pick but the res=d and purple versions of this are stunners.

We absolutely love how these bloggers sported these looks:

#5 Rad in Red

When it comes to sunglasses,  red definitely has to be the colour of the year. Bright red sunnies make for rad pictures is enough reason why they have been so popular. Squares, Hexagons, Cat eyes – name it and reds are rocking it!

Take a look at how these diva’s styled the rad red trend :

#6 Tinted  Shades

Next, in the list are the colour popping rimless tinted sunglasses in all sorts of odd shapes. They completely steal the show with their candy colours, especially in pictures, that its a no-brainer that we spot them on Instagram so often.

Some colour popping pictures ahead:

#7 Classic Rounds

The round shades have always been a classic, yet they never fail to impress. These suit most face types, especially small face sizes and are also one of our most favorites.

Here are our best vintage and steampunk picks:

#8 Bow Wow

We have always found bows cute and we can bet everyone feels that too! So the runway trendsetters decided to merge the bow into sunglasses and woaaah, what a  sensation they have made.

Check out some of our favourite bow wow’s:

Now that you know of all the latest sunglasses trends, what are you waiting for? Go sport some rad pairs and let us know your favorite picks in the comments.

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