What To Expect?

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Cupiditee is about everything that’s different, that’s unconventional, experimental, quirky and colourful.

Hence we say, Stop Being Usual. That being said, we have something for every taste. Different and unconventional does not always mean something bold or gaudy, if you have a thing for simple yet surreal, we have that too!


Our Story

Making Runway Fashion Accessible!

We started Cupiditee with an aim to encourage people to look beyond the usual conventions of styling by making those accessible to everyone.

To complement it, our blog focuses on how to stylize those statement pieces you see on runway models, in your everyday life! We want to show you how those pieces of art are not just meant to be seen but also flaunted and loved.

You can expect everything, you never expected exists! From embellished to 3D printed apparel, vintage to jewelled sunglasses, bohemian to Victorian jewellery, wooden watches to patched bags, colourful quirky accessories and lots more.

Life is short, get out of your comfort zone, try on that pair of funky denim, statement prints or the super edgy earrings.

Not just an order, place an experience with us!

Know Your Brand

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